''Zombies From Beyond is a hugely fun musical satire of 1950s sci-fi B-movies featuring a multi-talented cast, spearheaded by the star quality of Amelia Gotham​''

~  Thespian Thoughts – The Best of Hollywood Fringe 2014 – by Sandro Monetti

"Amelia Gotham’s governess easily
holds her and own to take her rightful place as the star of the show. Ms.
Gotham is an actress to watch out for, with huge eyes that flash between
innocence and madness in a split second and an incredible vocal range. The
script is not shy of narration from either character in the interest of
building suspense, and in these moments Ms. Gotham charts her own characters’
journey from naïve determination to terror to blazing mad righteousness. While
Mr. Kauffman’s changes are necessarily sharp and distinct, Ms. Gotham keeps her
cards close to her chest, and with each new evolution of her character we feel
the cold shudder of the titular ‘turn of the screw’."

- Brian Sonia-Wallace~ LA THEATRE REVIEW

"But it was Amelia Gotham, as

Jill Tanner, who kept the wheels spinning, the laughs flowing, the malaprops

flying. She's a born mugger, a delightful wacko, an appealing woman of 19 on

the make for the theater. When she's on stage, the lights seem to dim on the

other actors." 

​~ Sam Bauman of the Nevada Appeal


"Amelia Gotham, who plays the feverish governess, is uncanny and breathtakingly beautiful, with a heady emotional life that effusively weaves this story" 


​"Best of all among supporting players is a sensational Amelia Gotham, who appears seemingly out of nowhere to stunning effect"

-Steven Stanley StageSceneLA.com

​   "I particularly enjoyed watching Susan. This is the second Play I have seen Gotham in. It’s always a pleasure to watch a good actress in a different role. You can see the similarities and differences between each of the characters portrayed and forget that it’s the same actress. There was one scene in particular where the emotions were the same as her previous performance; however the underlying motivation of the emotion was different. In the first instance it was panic and fear tempered with indomitable determination. In Veronica’s Room she showed panic and fear eroded by desperation and helplessness. You could see on her face the words she could not scream “God please… someone… anyone help me!”

​- Spencer Cotter

​   "Amelia Gotham is the only one I've seen prior, in the same company's very fine two-person show of The Turn of the Screw. She shines again in a very different role--someone thoroughly sane and nice, having to endure something worthy of the more disturbing episodes of Twilight Zone or Criminal Minds. The great trap with something like that is play such an ingenue as passive. She avoids that trap, and in fact comes across as a sufficiently real--and flawed--human being that we begin to doubt reality at a few points."

~ Zahir Blue

​   "Gotham’s direction and technical design are nothing short of superb."

~Lovell Estell of the LA Weekly

​   "Amelia Gotham, for example, pulls all the stops out with what may be one of the funniest and most terrifying performances in town. Whether she is Celia or the person who is responsible for Celia’s death in “Only Ever One” or whether she is the ghost of Violet Nantucket in “The Sad Soul-Searching Spirit of Sweet Lil’ Violet Nantucket” or whether she is both rolled into one, Gotham creates a wickedly creepy atmosphere that defines what I call the Zombie Joe aesthetic."

 ~ Harvey Perr of StageandCinema.com

​   "While Kauffman provides a technical and seamless transition from character to character; Gotham pulls you into the story through the rollercoaster of emotions our young Governess experiences throughout the story.....Gotham’s portrayal of a young woman who starts out as naive, moves through defiant determination and ends in shear madness is captivating.  When she stands in the hall from midnight through dawn yelling at the Ghost of Peter Quint you see on her face, and hear in her voice; the transition from scared little girl to anger fueled defiance and ending up in exhausted nervous insanity." ~ Spencer Cotter 
​ "The governess, deftly played by Amelia Gotham, transitions from expectant innocence to fierce determination and...is that a touch of madness?"


Amelia Gotham


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